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Agenda for today:

17:00 Opening Remarks

Join u us as we dive into the world of AI! We kick off the event with a warm welcome and introduction by Milja Köpsi, the coding powerhouse from Mimmit koodaa.


Keynote Speech and Q&A: The human side of future tech

Prepare to be inspired by Thimon de Jong, founder of WHETSTON/strategic foresight and a leading expert in future human behavior. Thimon will share his profound insights on how AI is shaping our world and provide actionable strategies for embracing AI in your business endeavors. Discover the keys to harnessing the power of AI for a brighter future.


Panel Discussion: AI at work

Join our dynamic panelists for a lively discussion on "AI at Work", hosted by Milja Köpsi. Featuring the brilliant minds of Riikka Lindroos-Järvitalo from Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Eeva Raita from Futurice, the security guru Tom van de Wiele from WithSecure and the marketing master mind Kristiina Åberg from Front AI.


19:15 Closing remarks

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